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Moritz Schön

I’m a physically disabled person sitting in a wheelchair (actually - it would be a fun project to mod my wheelchair).

My center of life is Regensburg/Ratisbona with the great Binary Kitchen Hackspace.

Being a fan of human rights, I believe in the civil right of mathematics and therefore of cryptography/privacy.


I am a qualified application developer and - together with my studies - I concentrate on becoming a security developer. My interest is in building secure reliable and efficient systems. Furthermore I like getting a look behind the mathematic curtain of algorithms especially cryptography.

As of these goals I enjoy coding in Rust a lot. Other languages I master (well, to some degree) are C++ - which I have the most knowledge in since I’ve done a lot of coding at work since 2016 - , Python and the PHP/js webstuff which I dislike.


If you want to say “Hi!” or contact me without the following special subjects mail to hi@zschoen.dev. An alternative is Delta Chat with the handle delta@zschoen.dev. For any development or project related subject (which is no Issue or PR) contact me at dev@zschoen.dev. If you found any vulnerability, please let me know with an email to sec@zschoen.dev.